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What is it that brings together our past, our present and our future?

For nearly 60 years the initials ‘DJ’ have adorned motor vehicles, buildings and uniforms. They’ve also appeared in less obvious places. Clubrooms, laboratories, scholarships, raffle books.

That’s because ‘DJ’ is more than a brand.

They’re the initials of David Johns, a man who created something much greater than a showroom selling cars.

David created a reputation.
For trustworthiness. For honesty. For support.

Whether it was through selling and servicing cars, or helping the community in numerous ways, the Johns name has been synonymous with integrity and dedication.

That reputation has continued for three generations – David Johns, Michael Johns and today James Johns – each committed to standing behind a name. Their family name.

And from today that family name will continue, but in a very different way.

Following the sale in 2019 of the motor vehicle franchises, the DJ initials will no longer be associated with the motor vehicle industry. The franchises are in safe hands, bought by a family company that shares many of the same values that the Johns family have long championed, dating all the way back to that first Chrysler dealership in 1962.

But now it’s time to forge a new path, as the Johns Group Tasmania.

There will be new ventures, new developments and new opportunities. There will be confident investment in the future of our state.

And more importantly, the values of the Johns name and everything it stands for will continue, as will a commitment to supporting the people and the communities of Tasmania, for generations to come.

The first of these opportunities is the purchase and redevelopment of the Great Lake Hotel in central Tasmania. Read more about this development